Herzaan is a classifieds website in the Kurdistan region, which I redesigned entirely, considering the strategy study, competitor analysis in the region, and their core values in the previous brand identity, alongside the meetings we held. However, the challenge in this project was different from others because their team was an emerging startup at that time.
I designed the project to be lighter and more agile, akin to a market entry strategy for a new startup.
After completing the project, I provided them with months of consulting for implementing this rebranding, resulting in satisfaction considering their human resources and needs.
Their logo combines a shopping tag, a clear and understandable symbol for everyone, and a save icon similar to those found in Instagram and other apps, which together create a unique form and shape that is memorable in visual memory.
Their textual brand was also designed from scratch, without using any clich├ęs for the primary structure, based on Kurdish typographic standards, and is completely unique. It has also been tested for ease of reading.

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