Brief History
Milad Fakurian, with Azerbaijani roots, was born in 1991 in Tehran, Iran.
My work journey began at 15, initially outside the design realm, driven by life's demands. By the time I was nearing 17, I had transitioned into graphic design, prompted by a chance discovery of my talents in a hardware store where I worked part-time. This job, combined with my early interest in computer hardware, set the stage for my design career, which officially started after two interviews with a major household stove manufacturer.
From that point, I have annually enhanced my skills without academic education in graphic design, relying instead on hands-on, real world experiences.
This unique learning path distinguished my approach to design and branding, presenting unique challenges compared to my academic peers.
Over time, I engaged with over 100 companies and individuals, embarking on both short-term and long-term ventures.
My work extended beyond graphic design to photography and three-dimensional illustrations. In my early twenties, I spent several years teaching at a prominent educational institution and mentoring startups in a local accelerator, experiences that enriched my multifaceted development.
However, my interests shifted over the last seven years towards branding and brand identity, paralleled by a commitment to abstract three-dimensional illustration as a hobby. This pivot was evident when my work, particularly in three-dimensional imaging, gained significant attention on platforms like
Unsplash and global sites like the Vice, encouraging me to merge three-dimensional imagery with brand identity.
The positive response from global clients, including admired YouTubers and large corporations, since around 2021, has confirmed my focus on three-dimensional image design, leading to meaningful collaborations in this niche.
Awards and Features
I am proud to have been nominated twice for the 3D illustration award on the Unsplash website and have garnered more than 1 billion views.
 I have had over 100 featured images and been named "Photo of the Day" on Unsplash more than 10 times.
The tenth most visited account and the fourth most downloaded account of the month in February 2023.

Design Approach
Leveraging my diverse experiences with startups, a deep personal interest in business and branding, and studies in psychology, I've honed a comprehensive approach to brand identity and 3D visual design
This approach not only meets business objectives but also reflects my artistic versatility, evident from my work in photography and 3D arts, allowing me to ideate and execute with creative freedom.
I prioritize understanding a business's core values and aligning with the owner's goals, ensuring our visions match. This familiarity with key concepts enhances communication, ensuring more effective collaborations. Additionally, I focus on crafting precise questions and conducting thorough research to understand a brand's target audience thoroughly.
I try to view each project as separate and unique, aiming to create a distinctive design while keeping my personal taste and style as visually unobtrusive as possible.
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