For years, I've been following Oliur on YouTube and Instagram, and in my opinion, he is one of the best.
I'm very happy that the opportunity arose to collaborate with him.
Personally, I'm particularly picky about the wallpaper on my monitor or phone, and most of my friends and colleagues know this. In my view, having a beautiful and clean wallpaper is as important as having a piece of art on the wall of our house.
After all, we look at our phones for hours every day, and perhaps 40% of our phone's appearance is made up by a wallpaper, and it can also give us a better feeling of using our phone.
And well, one of my favorite activities in life is creating three-dimensional abstract images, and I can spend hours without realizing the time doing this. I used to do this for brands and businesses as brand assets, which helps complete their brand identity. But seeing these images as wallpapers for one of my favorite YouTubers felt very rewarding.
You can download the high-quality files from the link below:

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