Brand Identity for startups ​

This workshop was held in one of the largest conference centers in Karaj in the presence of owners and managers of startups. We talked about the importance and role of brand identity in the development of startups, and together we learned that branding is an important part of a business.

Adobe Photoshop 3D Workshop

In this workshop, we talked about the design and 3D rendering features of Adobe Photoshop software and learned how to use these features in projects.

Photography with smartphones ​for Small businesses and startups

In fact, it was a friendly workshop where we learned how to use the cheap tools we have to start a business and reduce the cost of producing content and photographing our products.

The first 3D capabilities seminar of Adobe Photoshop software in Karaj city

This seminar was held in the presence of graphic designers and professional illustrators in Karaj, and together we examined the capabilities of Photoshop Adobe software in 3D renderings, as well as the role of 3D art in graphic design.